Virginia's Regional EMS Councils


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Blue Ridge EMS Council
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Blue Ridge EMS Website

Central Shenandoah EMS Council
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Central Shenandoah EMS Website
Lord Fairfax EMS Council
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Lord Fairfax EMS Website
Northern Virginia EMS Council
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Northern Virginia EMS Website
Old Dominion EMS Alliance
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Old Dominion EMS Website
Peninsulas EMS Council
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Peninsulas EMS Website
Rappahannock EMS Council
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Rappahannock EMS Website
Southwest Virginia EMS Council
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Thomas Jefferson EMS Council
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Tidewater EMS Council
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Western Virginia EMS Council
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Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services


About Us


Virginia Regional EMS Council system is established in the Code of Virginia.

32.1-111.4:2 of the Code of Virginia establishes Regional EMS Councils, and defines their function and purpose. Each council is charged with the development and implementation of an efficient and effective regional emergency medical services delivery system. 

Currently, the State Board of Health has designed 11 Regional EMS Councils to serve specific geographic areas of the Commonwealth. Each council is charged with the development and implementation of an efficient and effective regional emergency medical services delivery system. In order to accomplish these tasks, Virginia’s Regional EMS Councils contract with the Virginia Office of EMS during their designation period and undergo designation reviews every 3 years.


Virginia’s Regional EMS Councils collaborate with the office of EMS, local government officials, physicians, hospitals, and EMS agencies to plan and coordinate EMS activities at the regional level to promote quality of care.

Local Point of Contact

Virginia’s Regional EMS Councils provide a point of contact and support for all stakeholders in the regional EMS system. They will assist in resolving issues whenever possible, and they will make appropriate referrals to the state office on specific matters.

Services Provided to the Region and State

While services provided by regional EMS councils can vary, generally services can be broken into two distinct categories:

Services required under contract with the Office of Emergency Medical Services.

* Regional Infrastructure
* Regional Medical Direction
* Regional Planning
* Regional Coordination
* RSAF Grant Program
* Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Program
* Regional EMS Awards
* Regional Instructor Network
* BLS Testing Coordination

Councils may provide services necessary for the region but not required under OEMS contract including:

* EMS Training Programs (various)
* Medical Reserve Corp/Hospital and Healthcare Preparedness
* Assisting with other projects
* Communications Systems
* Specialty Response Teams
* ID Badges